Tree of Life – Intro to Kabbalah

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Keep up with the Changing Cycles – All New Pathworking!

Many are turning to the study of Kabbalah (The Tree of Life) to find meaning to their existence. The question is WHY?

The study of the Creation is a fascinating subject and inspires students of all levels to ask:

* Where do we come from, why are we born?
* What are the levels of consciousness? What is the aura?
* How do the chakras relate to the Tree of Life?
* Tarot? Planetary influences? Archangels? Can they all relate to Kabbalah?

Kathy Roseborough presents an Introduction to the Tree of Life studies; through the teachings of this Divine Template, students are engaged in self-discovery and learn the tools to find answers to the most profound questions ever asked!
Students receive an overview to this most illustrious schematic of Divine Creation, teaching including:

* The Worlds, Sephiroth, Paths, 22 Major Arcana of Tarot
* Guided Meditations relating to your own Chakras on the Tree of Life
* Challenges you face as you ascend the Tree
* Planetary Bodies, Angelic Realms and Intelligence
* Inspiration, Creating and Manifesting your Life using the Tree of Life Principles
* The Tree of Life as a Meditative Practice
* Personal Healing, acceleration of consciousness and so much more! 

This is a very popular course and I have found it to be very beneficial as a foundation to any ascension teaching material.

I am pleased to offer you guided meditation, teachings, personal healing and techniques in Kabbalah : Introduction to the Tree of Life.


2 Days  … Cost:  $495+HST (includes manual and coloured chart of the Tree of Life)
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