The Mystic Scroll Teachings

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There are many Inner Mysteries inside each of us and it is said that the “veils of illusion” are to be taken off during this time of mankind so that he can achieve a greater understanding of his own birthright.

Your “Journey to your Ancient Stars” begins now!

Series One – Developing the Opening of the 1st Seal – Development of the Emotional Body through the Sacred Teachings of the Mystic Scroll

Do you find that life is challenging you in a “push and pull” sort of way? Sometimes you feel like you are on Cloud 9 and then the next minute you are feeling low? The Mystics used the breath, focused meditation and balancing of the Energy Field – through alignment.

What about your own Inner Eye? Can it be used as a tool for personal development? Enter the first stage of the Mystical practices that keeps you focused on your own magical and mystical Star. You are birthing to a new level of Self. Let the stars be your guide…let the Inner Temple be your sacred space… and let your Crown be your Master.

Meet your Soul Star!

Mystic Scroll Teachings – 7 Classes

Guided Meditation, discourse and healing practice

Date: To Be Announced

Time: 10 a.m. to 1 pm.

Cost: $65

Long Distance mP3 audio files available for download & online if you are unable to do this amazing workshop in person! (within two days of the live event)

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