REIKI – Level I, II and Masters

USUI Reiki Training – Level I and II – one day each plus the Reiki Master Course – 2 days – Attunement – Realizing your Soul Mandate decision on Being an Energy Healer & Master of a Sacred Healing Art!!

As the Energies open into a new cycle of time we may be asking, “What is my Soul Purpose?” A REIKI Practitioner & Reiki MASTER! Perfect time to shift to a new level!   Do you need healing? comfort? relief from stress?  Reiki is an amazing hands on healing tradition with no experience necessary to learn!



Reiki Level I
Reiki Level II 

REIKI Master – 2 days 

LOCATION to be announced


The ritual of becoming a Reiki Master is a solemn and sacred occasion and comes to you at a time when the clarion call has gone out across the Globe to those who can feel in their hearts the response that can be called, “Knowing” it was meant to be. Insights will be shared with you as to your Office as a Healer and especially as it relates to the Ancient Art of Usui/Ho SHIN Reiki.

The Worthy Master, Dr. Mikao USUI, will be giving you the attunements, as is His usual practice in all LEVELS of the Reiki teachings..but He will also be giving you personal messages about your own health and energy healing needs according to what He sees.  He is also showing me that He will doing direct healing corrections to each student especially around the back of the heart to the back of the neck, occipital and Crown.

This is new material in addition to the well formulated, regulated and accepted,  Usui Reiki Level I, II and Master programs accepted worldwide.

Offered both in-class and long distance.

It is an honour to serve you in this capacity.  Long Distance students welcome…You can receive your mP3 audio files.

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Mikao USUI - Reiki Master Photo