Registered Etheric Health Practitioner

REHP  2017/2018

Do you like helping people? Feel you have healing hands?

Would you like to understand your psychic images & visions?

Would you like to be properly trained to be an Energy Healer & Intuitive?  With protection and strength?

The Registered Etheric Health Practitioner Program – REHP is our “signature program” here at the School of Etheric Healing.  Many choose this course for personal holistic/spiritual healing and ascension.  Others choose for Full Practitioner Certification.

For Full Practitioner Certification a student must complete:

New Life Direction! …

Personal Healing & Spiritual Ascension Program – 12 Modules – MORE INFO! 


Full Body Spectrum …

Personal Healing & Spiritual Ascension Program

10 Modules – In Person or Online! – MORE INFO!


4 Days of Hands on Training and 36 Case Studies.

You can start with either one as they are both offered in the 2017/2018 Calendar. Date to be announced!