Protecting Your Energy Field & Clearing your Aura

Guidelines for Everyone!…especially Empaths, Healers & Highly Sensitive People!

This Program offers the students a variety of tools, techniques and guided meditations for healing and spiritual advancement that she has learned over her years of personal study, teaching and development to work very well!  Each module is designed to be complete in itself whilst the collection will fill out your own personal Library of tutorials. Your instructor takes some of the most common questions, issues and challenges that students have asked her over time and offers some simple, easy to use formulas!  Enjoy them all..starting with one of the most important; Protecting your Energy Field.  A “must” for all students!

What you can expect in this program:

  • Clearing your Energy Centres with the Violet Ray
  • Guided Meditation for Cleansing your Aura
  • Technique for Building your Aura
  • Tips for Empaths – keeping you strong!
  • Develop a Boundary of Protection – Powerful guided meditation!
  • Importance of the Breath – cleaning your hands!
  • Removing pathogens, heavy energy and excessive emotion you have taken on yourself
  • Special Considerations for Empathic Energy Healers 
  • Tips and Tricks for energy sensitive people


Powerful Series !!! 

This program is beneficial for those highly sensitive people who are finding it difficult to be in crowds and gatherings too long, tend to be the receptacle of everyone’s problems, find it challenging to stay balanced and strong, experience extra-sensitivity to external noises, are so empathic that they “feel the energy” of the room, people and places, are Therapists and Healers who need added strength and for everyone who is developing their spiritual path and need a stronger focus and greater clarity while healing themselves!  Great AURA cleanse and ENERGY protection!

Protecting Yourself … Experience the Benefits … Clear Unwanted Energy… Sleep Better – No more headaches from Energy overload!

The course is offered via online virtual classroom teaching  downloadable & online files on the School of Etheric Healings’ “My Courses” Dashboard 


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ONLINE Program …

ALL STUDENTS … Each Module of the Kathy’s Secrets Series consists of easy downloadable Written Teachings in PDF form,  Self Paced Online Exercises and meditations.  Repeat these often to gain greater practice and experience with using the tools offered.


 Have a question? Teacher will answer questions through online forum.

Introductory Course: To be Announced … including Guided Meditations & downloadable PDF Instructions and teaching.