Forgiveness… with Ho SHIN and USUI Reiki

…attracting relationship energy that is loving and kind


Ho SHIN Series – 8 beautiful courses that will turn your heart into a portal of entry for Love, Light and Success in Life through Self-Love!!

If you feel that you are ready to release the old and embrace the new…in relationships..then you are ready for this workshop! You are taught the tools to use in the “art of forgiveness” and the new level of Self-Love that you can attain.. to attract a new loving relationship, to develop friendships, family alignments and improvement to relationships you are already in!

Using the USUI Reiki and the Ho SHIN healing energy with attunements and alignments, you are being cleared of that old, stagnant paradigm that has trapped you for so long…and you experience a “shift into alignment with love” !! Through Ho SHIN !

Amazing how powerful the HO SHIN energy healing is… introduced by Dr. USUI from Ho SHIN – universal conduit…this energy will astound you! Our Universal Source of Love & Light is accelerating our heart centres now!

Come on out for personal healing, letting go and awakening to a new level of Self !

Ho SHIN…the gift of the Aquarian Age for all !

Date: To be Announced!

Long Distance mP3 audio files available for download & online if you are unable to do this amazing workshop in person! (within two days of the live event)

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