Certified Etheric Practitioner … CEP

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healing-hands-282x282-150x150 Certified Etheric Practitioner Program  – 40 hours

As a Certified Etheric Practitioner your energy healing services will include an “Aura” (human electro-magnetic field) evaluation at the strongest nodal point crossings defined as Chakras, therapeutic non-invasive energy healing through your hands with light touch and a clearing plus a re-balancing of the client’s subtle energy bodies.

It is the intention of the Etheric Healing work to help restore balance and optimum function of the client’s auric field. An emphasis in this type of healing work is placed upon the intuitive nature of the evaluation of the client plus using your trained skills for directing energy appropriately where needed.

TRAINING – Classroom and Hands on Components Must be Completed:

A Healing Odyssey – VIA Virtual Classroom ! 

Combing both Virtual Classroom, Audio Files and Written manual the student of the Healing Odyssey can learn at their own pace and have support on their journey as each embarks on the pursuit of understanding their own AURA and the CHAKRA system! Fabulous energy exercises, training, guided meditations and healing!

Module One – Setting the Foundation of your Studies

Each student will have attentive instruction for their own personal care as a beginner to personal spiritual development and enhancing your budding gifts of intuition and psychic sensitivity. You will be given guidance for your daily meditative/breathing practice and for strengthening your aura. This is especially helpful if you are highly sensitive, an “empath” and/or one who is already involved in healing such as a Reiki practitioner. Topics of Breathing, meditation, aura strengthening, cleansing and holistic practices will be discussed as well as a chakra meditation.

Course Instructor discusses the importance of proper breathing and exercise and shares her insights and techniques with you. There are a few basic fundamental principles each of us must do daily that will put your physical body and energy bodies back in natural rhythm and in Universal harmony.

Module Two and Module Three – The Chakras and the Construct of the Aura

Students will be introduced to the Construct, Function and Meaning of the Chakras which create your Auric Field. The classes will cover the following:

The 7 Levels of Human Consciousness defined and schematic provided. Description of the 4 lower bodies of Consciousness that make-up the personality, the purpose of the Causal Body and the relationship to the Soul Consciousness.

Chakra 1 thru 7 – Definition, location, colour and endocrine association, function and purpose. Sub-levels explained.
Self-assessment and self-healing – You will be guided in meditation through a self-assessment and directed in healing of your own chakra centres.
There will be teaching on energy blocks and why they exist plus an understanding the origin of illness. Your instructor will discuss the use of symbolism, psychic interpretation and trusting your own intuition for healing.

The Healing Odyssey is a great personal journey and opening for those seeking to understand the levels of consciousness and chakras. It is highly recommended for those starting out or for enhancing your current practice. Learn how to review your chakra assessments and help you with specific healing exercises during the course.

Class Dates: – Virtual Classroom Teaching – 9 hours

Module One – TBA

Module Two – TBA

Module Three – TBA

Students will receive via their personal email – guided meditations, healing exercises and healing meditations via mP3 audio files and journalling/review questions to complete the Healing Odyssey (an additional 15 hours of student teaching) – Support is available from the Teacher at the School of Etheric Healing. Personal guidance and assistance of energy interpretation by Teacher is included.

The 24 Hours of classroom, audio, and manual teachings can be used towards the CEP – Certified Etheric Practitioner Certification for those interested in Hands On Healing for Others!

Please note: If students live locally you are welcome to attend the classroom teaching in person.

2 DAYS of Hands On Training – For Complete CEP Certification –  Etheric Healing Theory and Practical Application

Total 40 HOURS for CEP course (including Healing Odyssey) 

After your introduction to the personal spiritual development through your Chakra assessment, preparation and healing, you will engage in further healing work for yourself plus investigation, assessment and healing of others. The students will have an opportunity to work with each other doing healing. The classes cover:

* Preparing yourself, your healing space and a client for healing.
* Developing your intuition and trusting yourself.
* Hands on healing and assessment of Chakras.
* Accessing the emotional blockages in your client.
* Seeking the origin of illness and energy blockages in the Causal with introduction to the Akashic Records.
* Step-by-step healing techniques and energy healing.
* Guided meditation to build your aura, journey to the Temple of Healing, and a journey to your own Akashic Records library. Meeting your guides.

For Certification the student must complete 12 case studies. A volunteer or client can be practiced on more than once to make up the 12.

Dates: To Be Announced!