Personal Healing & Spiritual Ascension Program – New Life Direction!

Starts FALL 2017!  12 Modules 

Each module of study engages students to experience in greater detail the relationship between the life force of the Universe and the cells of the body, endocrine system and energy meridians. Throughout the modules of studies, students will engage in theory, discourse, guided meditation for healing and ascension.

What you can expect in this program:

  • Clearing and infusing healing to your Chakras
  • Teaching of the Energy Bodies and Levels of Consciousness of your aura
    Practice of Pathworking the Chakras with guided meditation for personal healing
  • Development of Intuition
  • Energy activation and initiations for spiritual development
  • Guided meditations to ensure your Ascension of Consciousness in the Inner Temple
  • Esoteric Teachings of the endocrine system and its relationship to the chakras
  • Mapping and tracking the flow of energy throughout energy meridians and the interface with hormonal function
  • Accessing energy nodal crossings in the auric field
  • Accessing the Soul mandate and navigating acceleration of its manifestation
  • “Dialogue” with Cells, Body Intelligence, Ascended Masters, Master Soul Personality and Higher Temple instruction
  • Facilitating immediate transformation of cellular activity from inactive states, blocked and stagnant conditions
  • Regenerating cellular activity throughout the body systems
  • Defining cellular weaknesses including malfunction, deficiencies. Accessing tools for improvement
  • Discovering the permanent changes can be made to your health and well being


Powerful Program !!! 

Mind to MIND communication with the Divine Intelligence of the Body, systems and cells is integral part of our study. The dimensions of a human being are teeming with Divine Intelligence…you have access to knowledge and stored information that will help you to unlock energy stagnation and transform energy blocks.

For Certification as Practitioners:  Become a Certified ‘Registered Etheric Health Practitioner’.  This program is part of the School of Etheric Healing’s REHP (Registered Etheric Health Practitioner) program & is beneficial for those who are already engaged in healing such as Reiki Practitioners, RMT’s, Meridian Healers, Body Talk Communicators and Holistic Practitioners who counsel as well. The Etheric Healing Courses are designed to take any person who has an inner calling to heal themselves and others from the foundation of the chakras to the study of the human aura, levels of consciousness, body systems and advanced systems of healing. Please let us know if you are applying for the REHP Certification … we can provide an official receipt for tax deduction purposes.

ETHERIC HEALING … Experience the Benefits … Reap the Rewards… Do it for Yourself … Do it for Others!


KATHY ROSEBOROUGH, Intuitive Healer & Teacher, Educator of Esoteric Principles. The School of Etheric Healing  was founded by Kathy in 1998. Every program taught by the school is in alignment with the core teaching of the School of Etheric Healing, which Kathy still teaches today with an ever ever expanding breadth and scope… as she is guided and directed to do so. We welcome you … In Light and in Peace, Kathy Roseborough,


The course is offered both in person and as an online virtual classroom teaching with downloadable & online files on the School of Etheric Healings’ “My Courses” Dashboard 

IN PERSON … Choose either:

SATURDAYS:  October 7th and 21st, 2017, November 4th and 18th, 2017, December 9th, 2017, January 6th and 20th, 2018, February 3rd and 17th, 2018, March 3rd, 17th, 31st, 2018

MONDAYS –  October 16th and 30th, 2017, November 13th, 27th, 2017, December 4th and 18th, 2017, January 8th and 22nd, 2018, February 5th and 19th, 2018, March 5th and 19th, 2018.

9:00 am. to 1 pm.

Location: CATA – Canadian Academy of Therapeutic Arts, 120 Newkirk Road, Unit 12, Richmond Hill, (at Crosby just East of Yonge Street)

… for Questions or More Info or Contact Us!

(Teachings & Files Uploaded to “My Courses” dashboard & available for download if you miss a class or Participate Online)


Students will have access to all daily live-streamed course material within two days of live class.

ALL STUDENTS … Each Module of this program consists of Written Teaching Manual, Live Streamed Classes (in-person or Online) & Self Paced Online Teachings, Medtitations & Study Exercises.


Plus Homework, Q & A with Instructor, Audio Files of Guided Meditations, instructions and healing audios for 12 Modules – Journalling/Questions to help with your Self Development/Healing 1.5 hours per month – monthly submitted – Teacher will address you through written correspondence for personal spiritual intuitive guidance.
Question and Answer Period scheduled for 2 weeks post scheduled class completion.

12 Module Course Cost: $2,795 including all materials. Payment via Interac email money transfers, certified cheque or PayPal on line VISA/MC.
Deposit of $400 with Monthy Payment Plan.

RETURNING STUDENTS REFRESHER …  Receive a 40% DISCOUNT to REPEAT this PROGRAM … Take Advantage of the Current Energies, Updated Course Material & Incorporate More Advanced Integration of Energetic Concepts … Perfect for Students Looking to Enhance the  Spiritual Ascension Process & Further Develop Foundational Practice Tools. Contact Us for More Info.