Personal Development

This is a good place to start at the School of Etheric Healing. Personal healing & opening to your intuitive gifts are the first steps in any spiritual practice. We provide the practice tools and programs to get you going. All of these offerings have guided meditations and/or teachings that initiate healing & enhance intuitive/psychic gifts in the recipient…. Everyone has the Potential.

Check out the Latest Video … Why do I need to Heal?Kathy Roseborough explains the importance of Self Healing, as part of one’s own Personal Development!


Choose from one of our ‘Starter’ Samplings …. they are a cost effective offering of the Schools programs, e-books & events, geared for the beginner to the most advanced student… See for yourself what the School of Etheric Healing is all about! … Enjoy the Benefits of a Virtual School … Anytime … Anywhere!


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