Teachers and Practitioners

Meet the TEACHERS …

KATHY ROSEBOROUGH, Director & Founder of the School of Etheric Healing

The School of Etheric Healing  was founded by Kathy in 1998. Every program taught by the school is in alignment with the core teaching of the School of Etheric Healing, which Kathy still teaches today with an ever ever expanding breadth and scope… as she is guided and directed to do so. We welcome you … In Light and in Peace, Kathy Roseborough, Educator of Esoteric Principles.  Contact Kathy

PATRICIA DENNIS is an Intuitive Counsellor and Teacher of both beginner and advanced Energy Healing Systems.

Welcome to our Western Office Instructor! Patricia has studied for many years with Kathy Roseborough, Director of the School of Etheric Healing and is a qualified teacher of the 2-day Chakra Introductory course, 2-day Introduction to the Tree of Life – Kabbalah and authorized Educator of the Certified Etheric Practitioner course. We are so very pleased to have such a energy sensitive Intuitive and skilled teacher and healer as Patricia! You can contact Patrica at: patricia.dennis11@gmail.com

SHEILA TRECARTIN, Instructor of the School of Etheric Healings’ Certified Reflexologist Program

Sheila is a renowned animal communicator, Certified Reflexologist (registered with the Canadian Examining Board) and a Reiki Master /Teacher (registered with the Canadian Reiki Association). She offers her services to human as well as animal clients.  Contact Sheila

ALLISON MCDONALD, Instructor of  the Journaling … Healing Through Writing, Program

Allison is Published Writer, Editor & Prolific Journaler. Through the trials and tribulations of life, Allison realised the benefit of applying her professional writing skills to a journaling practice that is both healing & uplifting. Allison takes you through the process of creating your own journaling experience. Learn the steps … Reap the Rewards. This is an integral part of any spiritual path.  Contact Allison.


Attention Teachers! Do You have a course that you would like to teach at the School? Would you like to create an online course but, have no idea where to start? Are you are teaching a program that is alignment with the School of Etheric Healing’s principles and mandate? Contact Us Today … With the inception of the Schools new website that includes an online course creation platform, The School of Etheric Healing is able to provide Esoteric Teaching & Healing Modalities of exceptional quality …. Online as well as, in person … It’s time to spread the message of light to a greater audience.

We can help … The School specializes in helping teachers of various modalities, organize, market & produce programs that are insightful, & inspired … You just focus on the teachings.