About Us


The School of Etheric Healing has a mandate to reveal spiritually guided teachings, for healing, growth and development. All students… beginner to advanced … personal or professional will receive the school’s teachings in a comfortable, safe & effective manner. Every student, with time, practice & study, should expect to receive healing, achieve greater peace and have a better understanding of their place in the world. Once these benefits of the school teachings are experienced, some will be ready to take these tools out into the world to give healing & counsel to others.  Every new & subsequent teaching of the school builds upon the last. The school does not encourage quick fix methodologies of ones’ healing and spiritual journey … it is a slow unfolding process. We just ask that any aspirant that joins the school comes with an open heart and mind. It is the objective of the school to provide a framework and foundation for the aforementioned processes to take place … we provide the roadmap, so to speak. All teachings are provided and delivered from the Inner Temple of Healing & Wisdom and uphold the Universal Principles in the Greater Mystery traditions … with an emphasis on tapping into the Divine intelligences behind the delivery of the teachings.

Everyone has the potential to heal, grow spiritually, develop intuitive/psychic gifts & integrate a Universal connection to all … Let the School of Etheric Healing show you the way!





You are connecting with us for a reason right now.  Perhaps you have been searching for a Teacher or personal guidance. Maybe you have been having experiences with feelings of Energy or dreams/visions that you seek explanation for…or perhaps you have a desire to heal yourself and others. If the teaching are right for you, there will be an unexplainable draw to our programs. Your logical mind may say … This isn’t anything I’ve ever done! … Why am I here? But, there are no coincidences and if you keep coming back to the school website … It’s time to get started … We Welcome You!


The School of Etheric Healing – Temple of Wisdom was activated when the streams of the Ancient Mysteries ordained it to be so. Originally founded by Kathy Roseborough in 1998, the school has grown and expanded to include a great number of alternative healing methodologies that effectively co-exist with some of the current science and intellectually based, western modes of addressing illness. The school provides the practitioner of the healing arts a well rounded set of skills to address their patients/clients needs as a whole being. For everyone who studies at the school, there are a whole host of unique and effective personal healing and spiritual ascension practices that will create amazing benefits with lasting results.

Every program taught by the school is in alignment with the core teaching of the School of Etheric Healing, which Kathy still teaches today with an ever expanding breadth and scope… as she is guided and directed to do so. The schools mandate has grown and evolved to include a growing number of professional holistic healing based certification programs, beginner to advanced spiritual ascension programs and a wealth of programming geared to personal healing, creating a connection to Universal Source and achieving greater balance and inner peace in one’s day to day life.

The teachings are based on Ancient Traditions of study that reach back to times of long forgotten civilizations of great men and women who understood and practiced the art of Metaphysical Sciences, Astronomy, Astrology, Mystical thought and living, Esoteric Healing, Wisdom and refined culture.

It is the intent of the School of Etheric Healing, to help each student who enters its doors and partakes of its teachings, to discover for themselves their true Divine heritage and spiritual path with its tried and proven system of study, meditation and personal development practices. The final intention is for the student/practitioner to go out into the world and apply these practices to further grow, heal & achieve a mandate that works perfectly for them.


KATHY ROSEBOROUGH, Director & Founder of the School of Etheric Healing

Educator of the Foundational Teaching of the School … Each class is taught from the foundation of your manual provided.  However, each class is “live channelled” with insights, guided meditations and healing specific to your needs and the needs of the class in the moment.  This is what make the School of Etheric Healing so unique.  The Inner Temple energy expressed from one day to the next or from one class to the next is never duplicated.

Your previous classmates report immediate changes to their energy, health, spiritual awareness, developing intuition, clarity of purpose and direction on soul mandate.  Your healing skills are enhanced and you have contact with the Divine Intelligences “in the moment” while you are learning in the Inner Temple of Healing and Wisdom.

We welcome you!

In Light and in Peace, Kathy Roseborough, Educator of Esoteric Principles


CAREY VANDRICK, Administration & Marketing … New Program Development.

Carey has been a long time student of the greater mysteries & the School of Etheric Healing. Her emphasis has been of learning healing modalities for personal development … She currently focuses on providing healing for family and friends …. & spends most of her time on administration and marketing duties for the School .  Her mandate is to provide assistance and facilitation for teachers and practitioners. If you have a general enquiry about the School or one of it’s Various Courses … In person or online …. Contact Carey.

Attention Teachers! Do You have a course that you would like to teach at the School? Would you like to create an online course but, have no idea where to start? Are you are teaching a program that is alignment with the School of Etheric Healing’s principles and mandate? Contact Carey Today … her  experience is in marketing & promotion. The creation of new courses and programs is her goal! With the inception of the Schools new website that includes an online course creation platform, The School of Etheric Healing is able to provide Esoteric Teaching & Healing Modalities of exceptional quality …. Online as well as, in person … It’s time to spread the message of light to a greater audience.

We can help … The School specializes in helping teachers of various modalities, organize, market & produce programs that are insightful, & inspired … You just focus on the teachings.


“There are so many options and paths to one’s Spirituality…where should I begin?”

Kathy will do an initial Chakra assessment with you during the Intuitive Counsel and/or Etheric Healing sessions but she often suggests the Aura Makeover for personal study and meditation. A student must learn to breathe properly and have a daily routine. It is also important to learn more about your spiritual path.

For more formal and dedicated work of spiritual interest, Kathy has found that students benefit greatly from the “Healing Odyssey” which is the Day 1 thru to Day 3 of the CEP – Certified Etheric Practitioner class. Students are welcome to take just the Healing Odyssey. Excellent chakra work and meditations.

“What do I need to become an REHP – Registered Etheric Health Practitioner?”

You need your CEP – Certified Etheric Practitioner certificate or an equivalent from another Healing Centre/School or years of study such as Reiki I and II plus a Chakra course. With this, you are now eligible to enter into the 2 programs of the REHP for study and certification.

“Can I make installment payments on a course?”

Yes you can. On the schools in-depth programs … you can make initial deposit & an  installment payment plan can be arranged with the school Administration.

“How long do I have to get my case studies done?”

You can take up to 1 year to get your case studies done those most choose to work on them within 6 months.

“If I am unable to get to the class in person…can I study from home?”

Yes you can. All of our courses are available online. There are many students who choose to receive teaching online & to study from home. Many actually prefer to take their time with studying, on a schedule that fits into their busy lives and geographic location … in this case the home study – virtual classroom program option works the best. This is also beneficial for the in-class student who can’t make a day of class …. they will not miss any of the essential teaching. Any student can expect the same rewards & benefits from the program whether the program is taken in person or online.

For the Intuitive Counsel session with Kathy…are the sessions recorded? Do I need to bring pictures? Should I have questions?

The sessions are recorded if requested and an mP3 audio file can be emailed to you after the session. Please allow up to 48 hours to receive your download. The file is sent to you via a service called, Hightail. It is a zipped mP3 file that does have a 3 week expiry date on it so you must download as soon as possible. Audio files will NOT be available to you after expiry.

Pictures are not necessary to bring but you are welcome to. It is good to write down a set of questions that you are interested in.

“Is an intuitive counsel or healing session in person better than long distance or phone/skype? Does it make a difference?”

It does not make any difference where you are in the world as she is able to connect with you in the Inner Temple. This is true for your loved ones in the physical world or in Spirit. She uses Mind to Mind – Inner Temple work and can access multiple levels of consciousness.

“Can I contact My Teacher via email as a student of a course?”

You can certainly contact your teacher and they reply to you as soon as possible. All courses have a contact the teacher with a private message option, or you can post a general question or comment to the course forum & all students can from benefit from the Q&A. Questions pertinent to the course are always welcome!