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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – November 13th to November 19th, 2017

Hi Everyone!

We are in the thick of transformation AND opened portals to Higher dimensions of Self.  So simultaneously you are discarding your old self while entering the new.  This has brought out for many images and fragments of old that are not so nice to see & remember.  However..just like cleaning out and scrubbing old cupboards in your kitchen so that you can put your brand new dishes in….this week energy requires you to do the work at hand.  The new materials and acquisitions you are receiving in life are so pure..they need a clean place within your life. 

How does one handle this transformation?  How does one not get caught in the images, feelings, emotions that are leaving?  How does one not get caught in this transformation which can cause depression, anxiety, tension and more if you do get caught in it?  Okay…those are very good questions.  Experiencing the transfer into this new awareness of Self may be a lonely experience it is very helpful to talk with others who are going through similar transformations.  If you don’t have anyone to talk even helps to read about how we cross from the old to the new. I can tell you here and now that path working across dimensions always bring you greater benefits of living. But like walking in a rain or snow feels uncomfortable until you reach the shelter and comfort at your destination.  Ultimately…you go to the heart and sit quietly opening your Energy Centres through breathing and meditation and ASK within for help in letting go.  TRUSTING this process is important.  Take the hand offered in life and be lifted up. You may feel this as a tingling and warmth of Light upon you when you are sitting in quiet reflection and meditation.  It is working…it may be subtle at times..but it is working.

So what happens next this week?  This simultaneous experience is going on for the week ahead with increments and moments of brilliance…yes brilliance.  That is most encouraging and these are inspirations and ideas that you must make immediate note of.  We reach a NEW MOON by Saturday November 18th and as always…this is an added boost to personal enlightenment.

Make decisions this week that put you into new environments, new professions, new living areas..discussions and healing.  Choose the invitations, seek out the offerings and say yes.  To step up and out of the old repetitive loop of social, professional or daily activities that are uninspiring…requires your active, vocalized choices being made.

Even if you have just ONE thing that you decide that needs to be started..then start it.  This November is open portal time..multitude really due to dimensions opening…and sparks you to pick up your Soul purpose..pick up your inspirations now and act.  Numerous planetary and stellar influences…too many to name right now..are directed at you. (Jupiter being one of my favourites!). Your Soul’s WILL and power of your Creation is being seen!

Again this week…Use your Spiritual “Sword of Light”..and cut things off that do not resonate with your TRUTH and LIGHT…your values and dedication to your devotional path.  Live liberally with the Spiritual influence and don’t be afraid to embrace it.

Have a beautifully inspiring and enlightening week!

In Light and in Peace,


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