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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates! November 6 – 12th, 2017

Hi Everyone!

Full Moon behind us now..wrapping up its influence before sunrise tomorrow…but then we need to examine what is going on for all of us right now! As mentioned in my writings..the November portal(s) of Light and opportunity are significant…you are wrapping up and closing are embracing new adventures with sparkle in your eyes!

It is unprecedented really..the amount of change that we are in.. Why?  Because as much as we have certainly had many major shifts of late accelerating our conscious awareness…this is one we can all understand to be a “huge door opening & embrace” of your deep Soul desires and mandate.  No looking back..full steam ahead!  Between now and Winter Solstice you are going to be putting effort and energy into the direction you are going with lots of Creativity, stored gifts and skills coming forward and vivid imagination.  (you can thank your Neptune/Uranus roots for this which reaches back into ancient lifetimes)

Sleeping Less and interrupted?

Be sure to stabilize yourself during these shifting times of November because the foundation and your personal chalice is key to staying balanced.  Otherwise you will be breaking into tears, emotional outbursts and confusion…you don’t want that !!  The power is so significant of the Light Energy of Source/your own Soul’s presence and the ongoing enlightening..that you are being directed to ground with Nature, breathing, regular routines of physical/spiritual practice and sleep.  What’s that?  Not getting any sleep?  I know you are not because the Energy bounding in at us never seems to stop.  All the more reason you must LEARN how to sleep and direct your consciousness each night.  (I’ll teach you that if you like)

The vibrations and subtle communications, inspirations and ideas coming in at you are often feeling like a bombardment…so you need to use the breath to capture these delightful experiences and your soulful breathing and meditation practices.

For the week are going to find the energy building..building and expansive..and we are not even at it’s peak for the month yet !  Do a lot of walking, cycling, swimming, eating of good cleansing foods and rooted vegetables.

Heart Fluttering or bouncing around? 

Many are feeling their hearts acting fluttering, racing, uncomfortable and the like.  The breath and heart must coordinate.  Truly you need to understand how important this is. The heart and breath.  A significant connection that you must use to give your heart a chance to organize the incoming energy this month.  Remember that the Spiritual world and the Physical world/emotions and thoughts…all INTERFACE through the heart.  So you can imagine the pressure going on in there?  Breathe now..nice 4 square breathing.  Breathe down the left leg and foot..then the right leg and foot.  Then the left shoulder/arm and hand ..then the right shoulder/arm/ and hand.  Then up to the top of your head..and then down the spine, legs to feet. okay? Mother Earth has you in her be at peace.  Plenty of JOY to come !!!

More about this month next week!

In Light and in Peace,



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