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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – October 30th to November 5th, 2017

“The Jigsaw PUZZLE life”

Hi Everyone…okay..we’re not quite through this transformation energy yet so hang in there!  This week you can expect some puzzle pieces of your life to come together, some deteriorating pieces to be discarded and some fresh new pieces to be added! Now that’s a colourful life! Keep the focus on the brilliant pieces of inspiration and directives coming in..the soiled and worn out pieces know they are on their way out.  Cyclic changes always fascinate us as we recreate a new integrated picture out of our puzzle pieces of knowledge, experience and self-expression.

What is your manifestation going to look like?  Right now your puzzle pieces are likely are varying stages of development and it is best not to linger too terribly long over the musing of just one image.  Staring at the piece will slow the process down.  Reflect this week and either keep or discard.  Move the energy…move the energy to create the new form and the new manifestation of your life. 

I’ve noticed of late that many people are sharing on social media the developments of their new puzzle pieces of their new goals and dreams that are coming together…that’s fabulous!  See how satisfying it is when you get started?  Be rest assured that EVERYONE is on their own very unique re-creative process and some may be further ahead…others may seem to be behind; but are they? Perhaps their acceleration will be more so in November.

For this week’s ENERGY SHIFT you will find opportunity to select some considerable amounts of LIFE karma and imbalances to correct..AND you will be presented through your meditations, reflection and dream states plenty of ideas. Saturday, November 4th is the FULL MOON and you will have your most favourable and potentially HUGE transformations to your puzzle during the November 1st to November 8th period.

Full Moon energy at the end of this week signals major BELLS going off…significant Inner Eye activity (your visionary 3rd eye) and expansive awareness…I mean REALLY expansive awareness.  Take each day this week with great dedication and focus…seriousness and planning.  This is your EARTH foundation changing time. All sorts of moves, changes and unearthing is taking place during this week ahead.

So..let the puzzle reconfiguration begin !  You know when you buy a puzzle box and through all the concentration and figuring is MOST satisfying when the picture is complete!  Then you let it sit for a while so that you can admire it…then you take it apart only to be inspired by something else right?  Well this is the FIRST stage of the PUZZLE picture being created…get ready! The picture will be amazing when you are done!

In Light and in Peace,


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