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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – October 23rd to October 29th, 2017

Hi Everyone!

We still have that “balancing” influence from Libra even as we start to head into the Scorpio energy and this week is an awesome Energy week to examine your life, reflect on the choices you have made over your life and ask yourself, “Was that the best decision and how can I do better?”  

Life is all about learning, healing, examining, experimenting, growing and thriving through tears of Joy and many times sadness too.   You learn and you are growing exponentially as you come back stronger each time…closer and closer to that Spiritually integrated state.  You are going to stumble, tumble, fall…but you will stand up..and you will try again.  Why? because your inherent Divinity not only programmed survival into you..but the Blessed Sacred Universal Consciousness also programmed into you Love and Hope..Truth and Light! That which you seek you shall find…As a man thinketh so shall he be!  In other words..this is a great energy week to make sure YOU rise to a level beyond the mundane, the bitter, the angry, the resentful…lifting up instead to embrace the Inner Light within you!

Scorpio energy LOVES transformation and growth of consciousness… and this week you will excel quickly!  You know you can truly STOP at any threshold to any door of misery and unhappiness…and instead CROSS the threshold into enlightened reason, love in your heart, bright eyes of optimism and a openness to learn!  Always ask too, “Worthy Master..what’s next?”  “What does the Creative Mind of the All have in store for me now?”

Push aside the lower thoughts, push aside the distractions and knee-jerk reactions…and BREATHE…listen to your own heartbeat, listen to the magic inside of you when you sit in the silence of Oneness with Universal Love and Truth.  So much can happen for you now and so much Truth can be realized.

This is an Energy Week opportunity that is clearing the way for the incredible November shift..yes..we are already sloughing off BLOCKS of energy..boulders of un-truths and nonsense.  Protect and endear to hold sacred your Light and let it glow even brighter in the face of adversity!  Know that this is the week YOUR Light will be the brightest Light in the room, in your home, in your work and in your world!

Enjoy the great week ahead and remember..the more you breathe deeply with Universal Source..the stronger and clearer you are!

In Light and in Peace,


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