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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – October 16th to October 22nd, 2017

Hi Everyone!  How are you feeling?  The last week was pretty rough with the larger planetary bodies of Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter challenging your alignment to the Cosmic Plan..going deep. You’ve entered a new level of spiritual understanding now which you are to embrace and adhere to; the old level won’t cut it anymore.  You are having to recognize that there is a much bigger scope of commitment to be made and the Universal Intelligence is commanding this commitment.   Now you might counter, “but I thought we were just in primary school..taking out time and still having recess?”.  Not really…but the fun and games you seek is found WITHIN the mandate!  Ahhh! now you see…the more aligned you are; the more enjoyment and well being you will have in life! 

What you are doing now is taking the next few weeks ahead clearing out more wavering and weaknesses.. giving yourself some solid footing so that you may engage more in your lifetime contribution to the advancement of the human race; your family and loved ones.  Keeping it simple though…It all starts with you!  Blessed you!

To that sure to have your primary focus on your health, rest, meditations and spiritual studies..including nature and down time for reintegration and relaxation too!  Reading should now be lifted to the next level….study.  Reading is good for your peaceful moments of easy learning…study is for your commitment to your spiritual path.  Study the paths ahead and how you are going to  walk them.  Don’t leave it to chance alone or waiting for “something to happen”.  No you can make it happen co-creatively with the Universe walking hand in hand with you!

October 19th marks a New MOON…and you SHOULD be excited..because you are using both your creative AIR element of MIND in Libra AND your passionate, emotional and intuitively deep and early gifts of Scorpio already to develop the direction you wish to go.  Now it may seem early for such passionate creativity but believe me..excitement IS in the “air”…so enjoy it!

Remember fondly your current family and their your respects to your family and Soul family lineage whether they are living or passed.  Think and reflect on how you came to be, what you have inherited in the way of Soul weaknesses and your dedication to those around you that need to feel your leadership too.  It is a good week to show them the way.  Spend your quiet prayer/meditative times…at night and in the morning, in alignment with the most profound LOVE of the Universe; your depth and strength will increase tenfold.

Enjoy this week creative and free to speak your Truth and believe in your cosmic mandate…if you have been distracted or slipped up..then get back on track! It will do you a world of good!

In Light and in Peace,


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