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Weekly Energy Shift & Update – October 9th to 15th, 2017


Hi Everyone!

REFLECTION…go deeper this week and really ask yourself those serious questions about how you wish to spend your waking hours here on this beautiful Earth; your life!  It has been said many times before, that the most difficult question to answer is what you wish to do or become in life.  This is a good week to explore this question and a good time to get answers!

The energy shift after full moon last week..has now driven you into a “new parking spot” in the many, many departments & compartments of your MIND.  You have now pulled yourself into this new space and new level with the thought on your mind of, just where you are going when you get out of the car?  There are so many choices yet one destination is going to take precedence over the other at this time and the others will fall into order.  What is that one destination that is closest to your heart?

The LIBRA influence on each of us this week not only brings you opportunity to balance both the active and passive art of living…but when the scales tilt to the passive and reflective mode, you should be duly prepared for the download from the Soul.  If you are drawing a blank space or gap, then you take a break and do something else.  Come back to your meditative and reflective practice and you will find the connection strengthening.

Reflection and pondering upon subject matters always leads to further questions though too, doesn’t it?  Keep a notebook handy for the further questions and reflections you receive and allow yourself the freedom of getting it out on paper.  You are keep the flow of thought…no stopping it!  Patterns, designs, ideas, string of words, concepts…these will all begin to develop and take semblance this week if you let it.

For the physical body?  Pay attention to your skin for clues to what you may be eating/drinking that is causing you to be out of balance in digestion and absorption.  The skin is speaking to a lot of people these days because it does tell you about your nerves, the function of your liver, your peacefulness in your environment, your relationships, your diet, your feelings about yourself too! The skin needs more attention…it’s talking to you!

Solar plexus healing is in order for the week so you will be looking at your big “nerve plexus” and sensitivity, your self worth, attitudes and balance of work to rest. Please DO assess the various points about your life this week..even if just for examination and reflection.  Action can take place in the unfolding days and weeks to come!

Okay..!  Let’s tackle this week by sitting down and reflecting first!  Grab a yoga mat, a couch, a piece of grass under a tree or a blanket and tune in!

In Light and in Peace,


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