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Energy Shifts & Updates – October 2nd to 8th, 2017

Hi Everyone!

Well…the mighty scales of LIBRA are weighing the Laws of Karma and Balance with you this week; this month as we delve more deeply under the constellations influence.  We need to bring our lives into order and open the doors wider for Love and peace from within to shine out.  Love will shine through when order is established..not passing love…but real STABLE LOVE principle from within your heart.   

October is a month that brings back to you good…or not so good memories…why? Because transformations happen here and right up to the middle of November..many, many transformations are taking place.  Some you will not like..some you will love.  The ones you love are the ALIGNING ones..the ones you don’t love are the “letting go” ones that you thought were good for you but in fact, the Universe says no.  Letting go of habits, practices, continued experiences and relationships that are not in alignment with who you really are can be very emotional and upsetting to some..while others find it easier to embrace the new opportunities it brings.

Support in the letting go and embracing new…should come in the form of a friend or good counsel that helps you walk across the bridge to the new threshold and new beginning!   Many of you reading this have already crossed that bridge and threshold…but are finding it difficult to navigate the course now that you are here.

What we all need to realize now is that LIBRA is the MIND and offers new beginnings and Creator’s love all the way along with you.  Keep up the focus and organization of your daily practice and gain momentum this week in your new footings…because as you keep doing this…we have some amazing breakthroughs and realizations coming up in about 4-5 weeks!  So you may hear me repeating myself when I say that focus and attention to organization is KEY while you are clearing up your personal self; home and profession.  Making space for your spiritual practice and honouring a commitment to that will strengthen the direction you are going.

This week is suiting you up in new clothes; new ENERGY for our AURA and is reminding you to breathe and develop this aura by staying your natural, healthy course.

Oh yes..and by the way…Spirit also assures everyone with this message:  We have some lovely surprises too over this month!  Have you ever stood outside as a kid and playfully caught falling leaves, snow flakes or raindrops?  Well…put your hand out and “catch” the gifts of Life this month..for they are symbols of that which you are to receive as you deserve it! Nature is showing you how much love there is for you and will be touching YOUR heart with abundance in varying forms!

Enjoy your week..!

In Light and in Peace,


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