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Energy Updates – September 25th to October 1st,

Weekly Energy Updates – September 25th to October 1st, 2017

Hi Everyone!

With the Fall Equinox at your back can feel “your insides trembling a bit” in awe… realizing that you DO have the power in you to be what you wish to be, embrace your Soul mandate and live with Inner peace and harmony….good health and well being!  You KNOW this….now you are excited about putting these realizations in action! 

The shift that has taken place is rocking out the foundation and causing you to take that step… out of the old into the new.  You can’t stay on the foundation that supported the older thought must be modified, rebuilt, redesigned and reestablished on a new level. This is where the “designing” fun comes in and the action to do!  Whatever it is that you have in your heart and soul that registers the passion of LIFE energy in you..that makes your skin tingle and your vibration lift…is where you are to put your energy!  Put your time and effort into that which “rings true” for you!

The “spark” you are experiencing is not the special formula…but what is to come now IS the special formula.  The paths to achieving the goals and dreams are right there in front of you but you must walk that path and explore those uncharted territories now.  The paths are unfamiliar perhaps in this lifetime memory but inside of you..there are memories buried that you are uncovering that will amaze you more and more each day!

Self realization is just that…realizing when you uncover the gems and jewels of skills and delightful knowing of your own Divine origin…brings back many, many memories of just how you are supposed to be living and KNOWING Thyself!

For practical purposes this week…engage in the liberation of Self. Do that which you wish to do. JUMP in!  Be bold!  If you need to hold hands with someone else while you step forward..then ask them to hold your hand. That’s okay! As long as you try…for even that heartfelt intention is going to unlock the gates to the depths of your Inner Self.  There is a special Oasis inside of you that is real..meaning that it harmonizes and sings in conjunction with the “God of your heart” however you wish to express that Universal origin of Love inside of you!

Reach into that Inner heart centre and then engage in the activity you seek.  Fall Equinox remember teaches us to sort out the disharmonious aspects of our thoughts and feelings…transforming them – discarding old habits…only to then embrace the great harvest of Self Realization!  There is a bounty of Love and Light that is available to you from the Universal Source!  Lets follow Universal Laws cycles and keep in step with the Plan.

From deep within your Inner stillness of Peace and the Oasis in your heart…springs forth the Energy to shift your foundation.  Yes..your physical world and it’s activities are to now many cases quite completely..for others less…but CHANGE… yes!  The ROOT chakra is changing…you can feel it?

I hope you enjoy this week the experiences of how your HEART centre is talking to your ROOT centre (foundation) and advising you to take this new direction.  Wow..deep breath..and go forward!  Such LOVE; such JOY to be found in that!  Have a sensational week!

In Light and in Peace,


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