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Energy Shifts & Updates – September 18th – 24th, FALL EQUINOX

Hi Everyone!

New Moon this week!  It it already influencing you with hints, pushes and inspirations from the deeper regions of your Spiritual essence!  It is amazing to see so many “signs” happening all around; waking us up; enriching us with Soul directives! 

Recently I noticed as well very dear people I know that usually are not “into this stuff”…(LOL..I’m sure you’ve heard that before :)…waking up with the Christed Consciousness realizations…speaking differently.  They are speaking as if some reflections have been taking place encouraging them to speak up and ask questions and express their own view on the coincidences occurring for them!  It’s great! For the Truth is..we are ALL into this “stuff” because it is the true essence and nature of our existence!  I’m so happy to see that!

Soul directives…yes..I said that.  You see I am also  seeing that this week is a real “pick me up” Energy shift that is moving you further into your personal goals.  Ideas are not just coming rapidly but there is some solid evidence of materializations starting to take place!  This New Moon truly is a NEW start!  Especially if you build towards the end of this week with your particulars…notes, writings, drawings, sketches, framing, hammers and nails, choreography, colour..whatever it is you particularly need to lay down on the material world this week will be a perfect time cycle for you! Let it build; they will come! Enter the MIND!

Spiritual Energy is on a “high” this week too.. (?) what ?? you ask! Yes..there is a bubbling over in the Inner Temple of “busy Angels” and Ministering Ones. The shifting that has happened since last night is amazing!  Did you wake up in the middle of the night by chance? (or a lot lately?)  Oh yes..lots of activity!  Not that I am pressing for insomniacs…!!  But we need to pay particular attention to the brief and intense insights that come to us in the 3 am. to 5 am. time line.  Then go back to sleep.

The shift is a clarity of sorts…a realization that is taking place inside of you and now the Worthy Masters and Universal Intelligences are helping you to take that route.  So the “high” energy is a potency; a great potential of yourself coming to be.   Fall Equinox shift is at the end of this week as well where the alignment is intense and so very enlightening for you!!!

Whew..better close here..let you absorb it all.  So to summarize..this week you have a lot of opportunity for spiritual growth and insight.  Stay “clean”…good healthy foods, waters, good bedtime hour..that sort of thing.  Keep the blinders on and stay focused. Enjoy your garden, your walks, Nature and keep a journal handy.

Have a great week!

In Light and in Peace,


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