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Energy Shifts & Updates – September 11th to September 17th


Hi Everyone!

Well…you okay?  We sure have had some challenging days of late..with weather, solar flares, earth quakes..emotional ups and downs.  Understand that this type of energy is consequential collectively as well as correcting and resetting. You are under such transformation that very tangible changes are taking place in your life.

Sensitivities, mood swings, anxiousness…will be best stabilized through deep breathing, energy work and meditation. However…best guidance for the energy this week is truly for your continued planning, development and organization for yourself; your direction in life.  Be clear..define this and stay the course.  The inner strength that you will pick up from that is amazing. The Universe best steps in when you are holding that 4 square base platform of solidity and then build your pyramid of Self from there.

Daily your practice will continue to strengthen you..and having those times to stop and think, reflect and breathe is so very important.  You must give yourself that time for EVERYTHING depends upon it.  Really…you ask?  YES.  The human being is an Angelic nature; Spiritually Divine originating as an emanation of the All and we each have certain inherent qualities of Divinity.  If you don’t stop and ask yourself about this; harmonize with this and examine this are not living a fulfilling life that brings you good health and well being.  If you are so busy will not know the true Inner Self. that end..this is a perfect time to pick up that gift of your Inner Self…that beautiful part of you that guides you, heals you and sets your path out in front of you! 🙂

This beautiful time that you choose to spend reflecting and breathing and meditating harmoniously with your Inner Light; Inner Soul Self will be so beneficial that you will wish you had started sooner!  Not to worry…now is the time of spiritual acceleration and we can participate right now in a re-ordering of alignment to this part of ourselves.

What’s going on “out there” is a manifestation of all the disorder and corrections going on inside of the collective race of mankind.  You can be a shining Light amongst mankind and be that pillar of strength, hope and potentials!  Working on yourself will be the way to this successful state of peaceful alignment!

The energy this week has some pockets of calm…harness those times and make the most of them.  Plan your day so that you have a perfect spot just for you!

Know that Mother Earth is under your feet with Love and Light…Know that the Sun is your physical Source of Light and will shine upon you..take in the vitality with your deep breathing!

Enjoy your week ahead!

In Light and in Peace,


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