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Energy Shifts & Updates – September 4th to September 10th

Hi Everyone!

Full Moon in 2 days and already you are feeling all those “things” that are seemingly in the way of your goals..but are they? Or perhaps you are just recognizing certain traits about these “things” now since the full moon energy is pulling them up…and you don’t like them.  Well…isn’t that a gift? The full moon pulls up and out these recognizable and quite familiar lessons, blocks and challenges as it’s special September gift for you!  Let’s thank the moon for that!

Now..what?  well… we set ourselves up into a deeper, even more profound healing and corrective mode…applying the lingering power of the Mighty Leo the Lion King influencing you that is full of courage and the equally powerful incoming Virgo energy that is enlightening you with the Wisdom of her ways.  You can SEE what you are; what you are not.  You can SEE what needs to be changed and you can certainly learn very quickly what needs to be done.

How’s your organization and planning going for the unfolding months ahead?  How are the details of this coming along? Good? Not-so good?  Get some help then…don’t try to struggle through areas of life where you lack the expertise…you focus and acknowledge your gifts..let others who are gifted/skilled help you to develop your weaker areas.  We all need each other and with a focus on the Love in our hearts going forward…it’s nice to say…”thank you..yes! I will accept that help!”  If necessary…seek it assertive and make your plan work!

No plan yet? Please have a plan.  So many of your AMAZING talents are now asking to be harnessed and directed into the formative and manifest kingdoms of life now..and if I may suggest…you develop your “ground work and framework” between now and approx. November 11th, 2017.  Feel that building strength inside of you with the confidence and self worth growing each day as you ADD to your plan more details.  Don’t know how to make a plan? Ask someone to help.

This past week was challenging for many emotionally..uncertainties rose, some sadness and grief…this week will be different..why?  Because the support of the many unseen Angelic Ones, Ascended Masters…okay..let’s just say the “Hierarchy of Light and the Divine Intelligence of our Universe” has your back always and you will be more aware of that this week!  You are destined to succeed in improving and gaining greater Spiritual Integration bringing clarity, joy, peace within, personal balance, better health and well being too! What’s your part in all of this?  Steady increments of your MIND focused on a daily unfolding plan. 

Your personal health routine each day

Your personal energy healing & spiritual routine each day

Your personal prayers and alignment with your Inner Self each day

Your mental calculations and emotions focused on your own creative projects each day

Your reflective, calm and loving eyes and ears tuned in to others you love like family and relationships

Your steady holding of hope, peace and goodwill towards mankind

= a PLAN that focuses on Self Love; Divine Alignment and a Healthy life!

okay folks..let’s get this week underway now!

In Light and in Peace,


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