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Your “gut instinct” or your Ajna Centre?

… Find out! 

By Kathy Roseborough

“Each one of us has the potential to be very intuitive, prophetic, psychic and “tapped” into our Soul guidance.  This is an important part of our development but is not the “end goal”.  From the solar plexus sensitivity development you would then wish to go on to develop what is called the Ajna Centre or Inner Eye which emanates from between the brows and is associated with your pituitary, pineal and hypothalamus chamber of the brain. There are many very important exercises and practices that must be performed with your daily meditation and breathing practices that will help you to develop this important centre of contact with your own Soul; the Universal Divine Consciousness!  

Your intuitive sensitivities or “gut instinct” is a part of your energy bodies that is, in fact, anchored in the gut! To be more specific…in the pancreatic portion of our solar plexus energy lens.  That is why sensitive, empathic people find they get stomach upset and nervous stomach when they are overstimulated by energy…the impact hits them right in the gut.  People with psychic sensitivity and empathic auras need to learn how to strengthen their energy field and be able to dismiss that which they pick up on from people and their environment. 

There’s a difference between “gut intuition” and Ajna Centre

The psychic body of the solar plexus is an important tool and, when used skillfully, can be found to be very helpful in your daily life as you gain further trust of your intuitive messages and inner guidance.  It should not, however, have all your attention because you would stump yourself from further ascension of Spiritual consciousness if you stayed in the belly!   Find out more about how this ascension process works in our School programs!   

 The first thing aspiring students of the Greater Mysteries of Life must do is study the energy centres, the difference between the intuitive and Ajna centre, and learn the relationship they have to each other as well.  As you find yourself expanding towards spiritual consciousness from your solar plexus centre, you obtain access to your Higher Spiritual gifts of the Inner Eye or Ajna Centre.  You will really start to CONNECT with the Soul’s Light, The Ascended Masters, the Angels and the Higher Teachings of Life! 

Going beyond the limitations of the solar plexus is an important part of a students spiritual program and will prove to be a most rewarding experience as you engage the finer, more subtle Spiritual aspects of just who you are !!  You can be well on your way to Divine Integration..climbing the Tree of Life!”

 In Light and in Peace, Kathy 


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