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Energy Updates July 17 to 24, 2017

Check out the Latest Energy Update, By Kathy Roseborough, Educator of Esoteric Principles 

Hi Everyone!

It has been quite challenging for many to adapt to the accelerating Energy Shifts affecting each of us..especially of late.  The Universal-Creative Intelligence is remodelling each of us to align with our “True Self” and we are needing to “modify” and re-design ourselves accordingly.  The sculpting  of ourselves and our lives is not an easy art!  I have a greater respect for artists, design craftsman and renovators now! 

Each of us are currently responsible for navigating our lives with massive changes spiritually, mentally, emotionally AND physically so the task grows!

Be patient and kind to yourself during these times of change and make sure that you do not take to sleep at night worries of “not doing enough”.  You are doing what you can according to your own ascension path and you should be at peace with that.  “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and neither are we going to see a complete rebuild in a day.  What we will see is growing changes where we learn and accept what has been handed to us as our Soul Mandate without wondering why it doesn’t look like someone else’s mandate. Do your own and stay focused on that embracing it with all your heart.

Pacing yourself this week and building the foundation is still very much the focus.  You likely are concerned about not being off the ground on a dream or vision…don’t be.  The foundation is building and it will build and take framework from now until likely November 2017 when the next shift respective to this timeline we are in right now takes place.  Everything works in cycles. (More will be explained soon)

This week it is noticeable that the heart centre, breathing and anxiousness/depression are all out on the table for loving care.  Watch for this in yourself and others and reach out accordingly.  Emotional support for one another is important during these times and even if it is just listening that is good!  We are faced with the shift from Cancer to Leo Constellation and the pressure is on the heart and nurturing right now.  Try to understand others..step into their shoes to see their side.  Ask them to do the same for you.  We need to develop that understanding, compassion, forgiveness and stay in alignment with Love.  The Leo Constellation influence will be lifting you up this week !!

Invest this week into plans of action… be it for actually occurring  this week or in the near future…for you to attend and participate in something that is dear to your heart.  Choose personal happiness and do it.  Encourage others to do the same.  Keep it healthy, aligned and in harmony with who you are!

Enjoy the week…remember step by step.  Starting with each day a goal that brings satisfaction at the end by evening!

In Light and in Peace,



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